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MCSBA Scholarship Rules and Form
Applications are due each year on May 1.
Click here for Application Form.
  The Midwest Classic Shetland Breeders Association shall, at its discretion, offer an annual scholarship.  The target amount shall be $500.  The MCSBA may, at its discretion, alter that amount without notice.

The MCSBA will endeavor to promote the availability of the scholarship in any or all of the following manners: on the club’s website or newsletter, through social media announcements, in industry-related media (such as The Journal), at events or in other manners deemed appropriate by the scholarship committee.
  The MCSBA will payout the scholarship as follows: to the student upon proof of actual enrollment in an accredited school of higher education..

Applicants must be current members of the Midwest Classic Shetland Breeders Association. . Participation and activity within MCSBA and Area VI are strongly encouraged. 

Candidates will complete an application and submit it by the deadline to be considered.

ALL application rules shall be followed.  The scholarship committee may reject any application that does not meet the guidelines, which does not follow the rules or which fails to adequately address any portion of instructions or questions.

Applications will be due each year on May 1.  The submission address may change annually and shall be noted on this website. 

-Open to youth, age 17 through 25 or an adult seeking to advance their education. 

-Any individual may receive a MCSBA scholarship no more than 2 times. 

-Any winning candidate may not collect a MCSBA scholarship in two consecutive years. 

-Any unsuccessful candidate may re-apply in consecutive years. 
  Judging will be based initially upon a written essay expressing how small equine has impacted their life and what their goals are. The winner may be determined solely by the judging of written application.  However, in the event of a tie or situation where multiple worthy candidates bear further consideration, the scholarship committee, at its discretion, may conduct a phone or personal interview of selected candidates as needed. Two written personal references are required. All submissions must be typed.

Annually, the scholarship committee shall set up a selection panel of at least 3 members including the following: MCSBA scholarship committee member and and individual active with small equine within Area IV.

Official announcement and presentation should, when possible, be made at the MCSBA’s annual club show.  Presentation shall include at minimum, announcement and certificate. The actual presentation of a check shall be handled per the rule above.

The decision of the scholarship committee shall be final.

The MCSBA may, at any time, alter requirements of the scholarship progran its discretion.  Changes shall be reflected in the official rules.  Announcements of changes may be made via any of the acceptable promotional means noted above.  

  The scholarship committee may choose not to award a scholarship at its discretion due to any of the following: 

  • lacking of funding

  • lack of applications

  • lack of qualified applicants completing the process as specified

  • any other sound reason

Send applications or questions to:

Judy Nieman
25279 Ivory Rd.
Glenwood, IA.  51534
(712) 527-3732